The main cause of Kildong’s Pain

At the start of the story, Kildong seems to be having some pain. The main reason for saying this is dependent on Kildongs allergic reactions and behaviours. Not one time does Kildong get rid of tears. The reason behind these behaviours is feelings of uselessness and not enough reputation. He also seems poor because he lacks feelings of belonging. Kildong was the illegitimate kid of minister Hong. Although minister failed to dislike his child, because of the boy’s ignoble arrival, he felt motivated to rebuke him each time the youngster handled him as “father”.

Kildong wanted acceptance from his dad. He wanted to be an identical to your other siblings but to no avail. On top of that, his step mom detested him a great deal she journeyed onward to organize his murder. Though the assassination schedule did not become successful, Kildong was forced to flee his property.

The weakest point of kildong

Kildong was not wonderful and faultless. Like most characters in epic experiences, kildong has flaws way too. Above all, he seems to have unrestrainable anger. On account of this frustration, he wiped out the assassin who had been provided for get rid of him. He went one step even more to remove among the people that acquired assisted his part new mother in preparation his murder. On the contrary, kildong had a poor area for his daddy. He even risked his take and surrendered him self to save their own father.

What Kildong planned to attain in their existence

Kildong’s as soon as possible lifetime was seen as a too little justice and personal-value. He was portion of a big family which has a significant title but he was treated such as an outcast. His daddy regarded him being a source of disgrace, and he failed to plan to be from the son. In other words, Kildong had not been taken care of inside of a just fashion. It started to be his try to beat for justice. Furthermore, kildong lacked feelings of belonging and acceptance hence he needed reputation as well. During his life in exile, he first managed to have a group which would accord him the realization which he deserved. The group was made up of bandits who have been accustomed to stealing other peoples valuables. Kildong qualified to be their chief by handling to raise a very weighty material that no fella would find a way to lift. The gentlemen accorded him much value and put into practice all of his directions. Kildong utilised this party to get justice for all of the folks that were definitely oppressed. The bandits did not victimize the very poor people today; quite, they stole out of the rich who acquired received their money in uneven approaches.

Kildong wreaked destruction on corrupt govt authorities. He made use of his capabilities to leave shoot. Eventually, Kildong realized all those things he had wanted to acquire. He received popularity even from the queen him or her self. Even if making Korea, he was able to acquire realization by keeping two young girls from monsters. He down the road turned king because isle. He was fortunate with a few youngsters and perhaps following his dying, amongst his sons; the crown prince reigned immediately after him.