The main cause of Kildongs Discomfort

At the start on the narrative, Kildong is apparently dealing with some pain. The cause of indicating this is dependent on Kildongs reactions and behaviors. Not when have Kildong shed tears. The reason for these behaviors is feelings of uselessness and too little acknowledgement. He also senses poor because he lacks a feeling of that belongs. Kildong was the illegitimate child of minister Hong. However the minister did not despise his daughter, because of the boy’s ignoble birth, he experienced motivated to rebuke him each time the infant attended to him as “father”.

Kildong sought-after popularity from his daddy. He wanted to be the same on the other siblings but to no avail. Likewise, his factor mommy disliked him a whole lot that she moved in advance to organize his murder. However the assassination approach did not realize success, Kildong was made to flee his your home.

The weakest point of kildong

Kildong had not been perfect and perfect. As with any characters in epic reports, kildong has weak points at the same time. For starters, he offers unmanageable anger. As a consequence of this frustration, he killed the assassin who had been sent to destroy him. He moved one step even further to destroy among the folks that got aided his step mommy in preparation his murder. Conversely, kildong had a poor location for his dad. He even risked his seize and surrendered themself to save their own dad.

What Kildong wished to acquire in his existence

Kildong’s earlier life was described as not enough justice and self-really worth. He was portion of a major friends and family along with a big name but he was dealt with as an outcast. His daddy looked at him for a cause of embarrassment, in which he failed to desire to be linked to the child. To put it briefly, Kildong was not cared for inside a just manner. It turned out to be his try to deal with for justice. Moreover, kildong lacked a feeling of that belongs and identification thus he sought-after acknowledgement also. During his daily life in exile, he primary maintained to get a population group which would accord him the recognition that he or she deserved. The group was composed of bandits who are employed to stealing other peoples personal belongings. Kildong qualified to be their leader by dealing with to elevate an extremely quite heavy material that no gentleman would manage to elevate. The men of all ages accorded him a lot consideration and adopted all his directions. Kildong put to use this group to get justice for any individuals that were definitely oppressed. The bandits did not victimize the inadequate people; quite, they stole with the unique who got attained their capital in crooked options.

Kildong wreaked havoc on corrupt government officers. He made use of his forces to emerge from take. Last but not least, Kildong accomplished everything that he got desired to achieve. He achieved reputation even from your ruler themselves. After causing Korea, he had been able receive recognition by conserving two females from monsters. He afterwards turned queen because island. He was blessed with quite a few small children and even following his loss, one among his sons; the crown prince reigned once him.